21 Effective Exercises To Burn Fat At Home

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Here is a quick list of 21 effective exercises to burn fat at home. You don’t need any equipment and you can do these exercises anywhere. And after all, you will be amazed at how fast you can progress with nothing more than your body. Use these simple bodyweight exercises to burn fat at home or anywhere else.

Pick several exercises from this list. Use a repetition range that is challenging for you. Do exercises in circuits from 10-20 minutes for the best results. Perform them intensely with short rest periods. And also try to do as many rounds as you can in the selected period of time.

If you want to burn fat even faster and to get rid of your belly fat, perform this kind of workout every day in the morning on empty stomach, or right after your regular workouts.

Here are 21 effective exercises that will burn your fat at home like crazy:

1. Burpees

This full body exercise is probably the most hated one. Yes, burpees are hard, but they are also the most effective to burn fat at home.

2. Push ups

Good exercise for your core, chest, triceps, and shoulders. Throw yourself on the floor and do them with your core and back straight. If regular push ups are too hard for you, do them with knee support. And if regular push ups feel easy for you, do plyometric push ups for greater fat-burning effect.

3. Jumping jacks

It may seem too easy, but they are great full body exercise to keep your heart pumping for better cardio effect. Do them in between hard exercises to keep your heart rate up.

4. High knees

This exercise is like running in place. If you do them more intensely, you will have a better cardio effect.

5. Fast feet

Similar exercise like high knees. They should be done with 100% intensity like sprinting. So that makes high knees perfect for interval training.

6. Mountain climbers

Good as cardio and core exercise. They will make your abs hurt while pumping your heart rate up.

7. Jumping squats

One of the best exercises for your lower body. This explosive move will hit your legs and make you sweat.

8. Alternating jumping lunges

It will hit your quads and also take your breath away fast. This exercise and jumping squats are very similar. They are also one of the best fat burning bodyweight exercises for the lower body that you can do at home.

9. Step up jump

Great for your quads. Find box, bench, or something where you can elevate your leg, but not too high. For greater fat burning effect, do this exercise intensely while alternating legs.

10. Skater jump

A nice switch from “in place” exercises. More dynamic move that will increase your functional strength and balance.

11. Box squat jump

This exercise maybe doesn’t look very intense, but this total body move will drain your energy fast. Very good for overall body strength, and especially explosiveness.

12. Tuck jumps

Very challenging exercise for your whole body. It’s harder than jumping squats, and it will leave you breathless fast. Try to bring your knees up to the chest and try not to lose momentum, but be careful. This is a very intense exercise, good for burning calories and great for explosiveness.

13. Standing long jump

One more total body explosive move. In comparison to box jump squats that are good for vertical jump, focus here is to use all your energy to jump as far as you can in length. It will be more intense if you jump forward continuously.

14. Plank in n outs

This exercise is good for your total core and abs as well. This dynamic type of plank is very hard and intense. Your abs, from upper to lower, will be in pain really fast.

15. Plank jacks

One more dynamic variation of plank nice for your total abs and core. This is also a good cardio exercise.

16. V-ups

Very challenging ab exercise for the total core. They will put your abs on fire and make you sweat.

17. Chest to knee sit-ups

Not easy move that will hit your total core. Focus on slow and controlled repetitions since it’s easy to lose balance.

18. Bicycle crunches

This exercise may look easy, but your core will be on fire really fast. Don’t let your feet touch the floor. Lift your head up. And while performing an exercise, focus to hold crunch position all the time.

19. Leg raises

Very good for lower abs. Keep your legs straight, don’t touch the floor with your feet, and focus on controlled muscle contraction.

20. Russian twists

A nice exercise for your obliques and abs in general. Keep your feet and torso in air. It’s easy to lose balance here. So, perform the exercise slowly and controlled.

21. Scissors

Start the exercise by putting your hands below your hip, lift legs a bit, and try not to touch the floor with your feet, while moving your legs from left to right. If you want you can make it harder by adding leg raises while you’re “scissoring” with your legs. This one will hurt your lower abs a lot.

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What about you? What are your favorite exercises to burn fat at home? Please share in the comments below.

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