Why Fitsistence

Fitsistence is shorter for Fitness and Persistence. Being persistent is a key factor in achieving your goals. That’s because one of the most important characteristics to achieve anything in fitness or generally in life is to NEVER GIVE UP!

The problem when it comes to goals, fitness or any others, is because most people will give up sooner or later, or they will simply never try to do anything at all. Only the persistent ones will remain, even if everything is against them and even if it seems impossible.

Mission of Fitsistence

Mission of Fitsistence is to help ambitious people with multiple goals and limited time to transform their minds, bodies and lives.

Fitsistence will help you to successfully achieve your ideal body with a simple mindset, training and diet tips.

Instead of fighting crowds in the gym, wasting time traveling to the gym and back, doing hours and hours of ineffective cardio or following restrictive diets, you can drop fat, gain lean muscle and build an amazing body at home or anywhere else in 3 months or less… while having more time for your job, family, friends and other goals.

My Transformation

Over the past years I have been trying to achieve my desired results. Although I tried almost everything. From gym, weight lifting, bodybuilding splits and programs, cardio routines, supplements, restrictive diets, etc. I was never satisfied with the results.

But no matter how hard i tried or what I did, I just couldn’t get that lean and ripped body. Even worse, I could never drop my body fat and see my abs!

I not talking here about extremely shredded or big muscular body with 6-8 pack abs. I’m talking about natural, fit and healthy body that is actually functional. My goal was to look good and to feel great in my own skin. And I knew that you don’t need to be gym slave, do tons of cardio or to train 2 hours every day and following restrictive diets to achieve that.

I didn’t give up because I knew that you don’t need to became slave or torture yourself to achieve your fitness goals, look good, feel great in your own skin and be proud of myself!

Long story short, after years of blood, sweat and tears I found a minimalist, simplified and effective approach to achieve my ideal physique and desired results. Everything your need is your own body, a proper mindset and balanced diet! So here are my results:

Fitsistence body transformation

2016 – After few years of “magazine” workout programs, gym, lifting weights, running every day, supplements and restrictive diets. 2019 – After few years of bodyweight training, a proper mindset and a balanced diet.

Train more, smarter and harder. Eat less, healthier and balanced. And the results will show up!

Your Next Step

There is no better time to start than now. So, start now and never give up!

My best and fastest results where achieved whenever I did the challenge. Apply here for a customized challenge that is based on your specific needs and goals. Get the results you want in 3 months or less and avoid years of frustration and struggle.

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