Get Summer Body on a Busy Schedule: 8 Easy Hacks

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How the heck to get summer body if you are super busy? Or maybe you tried everything and don’t know what to do anymore. And the solution for this is not long-boring cardio sessions or starvation.

So, if you are finally ready to start but don’t know where these 8 simple hacks will help you get summer body on a busy schedule. You will get rid of that annoying belly fat and get the toned body ready for the beach on time.

Follow these simple tips, and you will always know when and what to do.

Furthermore, you will drastically improve energy and confidence, transform your body, and get ready for that long-awaited summer vacation.

And of course, you will be able to eat your favorite meals like pizza and drink a few cocktails and coronas at the beach while watching sea waves. The best thing is you will use those extra calories as fuel for training and get in even better shape.

corona beer beach

Sounds good?

Are you ready to get in the best shape ever on time for this summer?

If your answer is yes, let’s get right into it.

1. Make fitness a priority if you want to get summer body on time for the summer

The main reason why you don’t have time is probably that fitness is not your priority. You HAVE time for everything you want. If that is important for you, of course.

To resolve this problem, make fitness a priority, organize yourself, do it daily and that is all. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

So let’s see some tips.

Keep it simple with this method to accomplish anything on a super busy schedule.


In fitness, active rest is a time when you rest one muscle group while you work another one. For example, you did set of pull ups and instead to wait for your pull muscles to rest for another set, you will immediately do a set of push ups. That method has many benefits, to train efficiently for an example (do more for less time, burn more calories and so on).

But how can you use it, if you want to always have time for your workouts?

Instead of using your free time for TV, phone, or other useless activities, use your time more efficiently to accomplish more.

If you are on the busiest schedule and have a lot to do, do your most important things until you get tired.

When you get tired using an active rest method and rest your mind while you train your body. After a workout, you will feel tired, but a little later your positive energy will be pumped. And you will continue with your job refreshed with even more energy!

2. Plan your day

plan your day

If you plan your day, you will have a lot more time to use how you want. Save your time and make healthy eating and training a lot easier!

So, write down your goals on paper and organize your day. When you write something, there is a lot higher chance that you will actually do that. On the other side, you will always know what you need to do next. And you will save a big amount of time and be much more productive!

As Brian Tracy said: “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!”

Important note: Use your pen, notepad, and start by writing these 8 simple hacks down on paper.

Do this and there is a lot higher chance that you will get summer body on time for your hard-earned summer holiday!

If you just read and skip this guide without action, you will very likely just waste your time and do nothing.

3. Eat healthy high protein meals

healthy high protein meals to lose weight and fat fast

Most people fail here.

They try every possible diet and don’t get any satisfying results. That happens only because of one reason. And if you are one of those people better pay your attention now.

That is because you don’t follow core diet principles!

Every single diet is based on some fundamental principles. There is no special diet, only principles to follow. It’s enough to focus on one the most important tip that you need to know for now:

Eat 3-5 healthy high protein meals every day and you will easily lose fat and gain muscle.

So make sure that your every meal has:

  1. Lean protein – chicken breast, tuna, salmon, eggs, low-fat high-protein yogurts, cheeses, and other high protein lean meets;
  2. A lot of vegetables – green vegetable, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower, etc;
  3. Healthy fats – fish, olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc;
  4. Complex carbs – oats, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, whole wheat bread, and pasta, etc.

Follow these diet rules and you will never have to worry about diet again!

One bonus tip that is very important also:

Don’t make restrictions!

It’s better to eat what you want than to force yourself not to eat something. That is torture that can mess your up. So, make the decision that you WANT to eat healthier.

You are free to eat what you want from time to time but don’t to it constantly. Eat your high protein meals of choice 80-90% of the time, and you are good to go.

Forget about short-term torture eating tactics and diets. Better focus on long-term healthy eating habits that works for you!

4. Avoid gym and long-boring cardio workouts if you are busy

fitsistence body transformation - summer body

I got a summer body at home on a busy schedule without a gym membership, weights or supplements.

You can achieve your fitness goals fast without a single visit to the gym.

If you are very busy, going to the gym will cost you not just money, but a lot of your precious time!

And long cardio workouts are not just boring, they are ineffective also.

Don’t be like people, especially women, who are going to the gym just to walk or jog for hours. You can achieve much greater results with much less time and effort.

Who still wants to fight crowds and use complicated machines that will get you nowhere, when you can build muscle without weights at home or burn fat with effective exercises at home?

You can burn fat much faster in less time from the comfort of your home.

Do your workouts at home with your bodyweight and minimal equipment, so you can save a lot of time and get results in a more effective, faster and easier way!

5. Crank up the intensity with short and effective workouts that you can do anywhere

Instead of low-intensity long cardio sessions that will very likely burn more muscles than fat, focus on shorter high-intensity effective workouts.

Burn more fat and build muscle with short and effective workouts.

High-intensity workouts will spike anabolic hormones, like HGH and Testosterone naturally.

Increasing Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, and other important hormones will not just help you to lose fat, get leaner, save muscle mass and make more muscles, but it will also improve your sex drive, hearth health, overall energy, hair, bones, concentration and similar. (1)

Just compare sprinters and marathon runners for an example.

sprinter vs marathon runner -HIIT

If you like intervals you can do a bodyweight HIIT workout with timer. Or if you don’t like timer, you may prefer intensive circuit training.

Just combine total-body fat burning exercises like burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and alternating jump lunges, and perform them with high intensity for 20-40 sec (10-20 repetitions) in circuits for 10-20 mins with minimal rest between exercises and rounds for the best results.

High Intensive Circuit Cardio Workout at Home To Get Summer Body:

3-5 circuits, 10-30 sec rest between exercises and 1-3 min between circuits

2Jumping Jacks40
3High Knees40 both sides are one
4Mountain Climbers40 both sides are one
5Bicycle Crunches20 both sides are one
6Knee to Chest Sit Ups20
7Leg Raises20
8Flutter Kicks20 both sides are one

Note: For best results perform all exercises with high intensity.

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6. Focus on strength

strength training - outdoor workout - handstand push ups

Intensive cardio workouts are great to burn fat fast. But if you want your lean muscles to pop out on the beach, focus more on strength exercises.

You can build muscle without weights at home easily with your body.

You can stop wasting time and fighting crowds confused in the gym and do your quick and effective workouts at home before or after your job.

Full Body Bodyweight Workout at Home To Get Summer Body:

3-5 sets per exercise, 1-3 min rest

1Inverted Row Pull Ups10
2Push Ups15
3Inverter Row Chin Ups10
4Triceps Bench Dips15
6Lunges10 per leg

Important note: Perform all repetitions with the proper, slow, and controlled form!

As you progress, use more challenging exercises (like pull ups, dips, elevated push ups, Bulgarian squats, jump squats), more reps, more sets, less rest, and so on.

Start with full-body workouts every other day, and high-intensity cardio circuits in separate days.

Take 1 or 2 rest days per week, or more if you feel very tired.

7. Move more and get summer body even faster

get active - explore more - fit body - summer body - beach body

If you really want to burn that belly fat and get in shape to show your hard-earned body on the beach, you need to move a lot!

Your overall activity levels will determine how many calories you will burn.

Being inactive all day and just workout is better than nothing, but it will not gonna work if you want to drop fat on time for summer.

Besides your regular workout and healthy diet, try to move whenever you can.

Avoid sitting and laying down all day long.

Just walk more, do funny things with your friends, spend more time doing creative stuff with your family, etc. And you will get fit faster!

8. Get more rest

We are not mechanical machines that can be repaired and set up overnight. As biological beings, we need time to recover so we can function properly.

When you eat properly and exercise regularly your body needs time to achieve your fitness goals.

Rest is important as much as training.

Training is a process in which muscle is damaged, and rest is a process in which your muscle recovers and becomes larger and stronger.

Rest is also key to avoid injuries.

No matter how hard you damage your muscles, it will recover and get stronger. But your joints, tendons, bones, ligaments may remain damaged forever.

So, avoid over-training, do exercises with proper form, and don’t forget to warm up before and stretch after every training.

Exercise regularly, eat properly, sleep and rest more, and you will get leaner, bigger and stronger in the best possible way.

Your action plan to get a summer body:

action plan - write down your goals

To get that fit summer body on time, use your pen and notepad and write down these 8 hacks if you have not yet.

Make your plan of action and organize yourself.

Keep this plan with you, so you can remember what and when to do it!

This habit will keep you motivated also.

Feel free to share this article and comment down below your number one problem that stops you to get in shape for summer.

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