How To Get Lean Fast At Home With Minimal Equipment

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In this guide, you will see how to get lean fast at home. You don’t need weights, just your bodyweight (and some minimal equipment like a pull up bar).

Getting lean can be very hard and frustrating. You may train hard and follow a proper diet, but the results can sometimes be so slow. And in the end, you’re thinking if it is even possible to drop body fat enough to get your ideal body.

Endless cardio, a restrictive diet, too low-calorie intake, and training for hours every day is not the answer. Especially if you can’t go to the gym or just don’t want to.

But the truth is that you CAN get a ripped body without lifting weights to build lean muscle and doing daily cardio in combination with a boring diet to lose body fat.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to see faster results.

Let’s See First How to Get Lean Fast at Home

If you want to lose fat and build lean muscle at home, you can do this with bodyweight training and a slight caloric deficit.

> You absolutely do not need weights to build muscle at home. Your body and muscle will respond to resistance and tension. So by hitting your muscles with bodyweight exercises that will create optimal resistance and tension, you will stimulate them to grow.

Here is how to build muscle without weights.

> And to lose body fat percentage you don’t have to count every single calorie and do endless cardio every day. It’s enough to eat 2-4 regular, healthy, and balanced meals daily. Depending on how many calories your body needs, you want to cut 200-500 from your maintenance level to lose fat. Also, to easily get in a caloric deficit, be active every day, walk 10,000 steps, workout regularly, and follow a proper diet.

You can see how many calories you need with this simple calorie calculator.

And for more information, you can see how to reduce body fat percentage while increasing muscle.

So what is the best and fastest way to achieve your ideal results at home?

The Best and Fastest Way to Get Lean Body

Fitsistence body transformation - build muscle without weights

In my experience, I have achieved the BEST and FASTEST results with just bodyweight training and a balanced-healthy diet.

Here is the simplest and most effective way to achieve your desired results:

1. Circuit bodyweight training – You will be able to burn more calories in less time and stimulate the muscle to grow at the same time.

2. High volume, intensity, and frequency – If you want to see fast results, increase the volume, intensity, and frequency of your workouts. The easiest way to apply this is to do high rep bodyweight circuit training with minimal rest. Strive to train every day. As a result, you will more ofter stimulate your muscles and burn more calories.

3. Progressive overload – To maximize your results constantly, increase the difficulty of your workouts every or every other week.

4. Don’t go to failure – You don’t need to annihilate yourself. It’s enough to stimulate your muscles for 30-60 min every day. Leave some room, so you can recover for tomorrow’s workout.

5. Rest and recovery – Don’t take rest days unless you feel like you really need it. Rest is as important as regular training, so sleep well (7-9 hours), eat well, and don’t push yourself to the absolute limits.

6. Proper diet – It doesn’t matter if you follow keto, paleo, carb cycling, IIFYM, or intermittent fasting. As long as you are in a caloric deficit and eat enough protein, you are good.

So focus on what is most sustainable for you. Not on what will give you quick short-term results and then fail in the long-term.

You can also see the results of my body transformation and how I got leaner with just bodyweight training and proper diet.

Home Bodyweight Workout Plan to Get Lean Fast

Depending on your fitness level, do bodyweight exercises that are difficult enough for you. So choose exercises where you can’t perform more than 10-20 reps with good form. Also, include exercises that burn a lot of calories. And finally, combine them all in circuits or supersets and try to finish them with minimal rest.

If you want to lose fat and build lean muscle at home, check out the personalized bodyweight program.

So here is an example of a proper workout routine structure:

Day 1 – Upper Body:

3-5 Supersets:

  1. Pull exercise (Pull ups) – 5-10 reps
  2. Push exercise (Push ups) – 10-20 reps

3-5 Supersets:

  1. Pull (Chin ups) – 5-10
  2. Push (Triceps dips) – 10-20

3-5 Circuits (Cardio finisher):

  1. Burpee – 5-10
  2. Mountain climber – 10-20
  3. Jumping jacks – 20-30

Day 2 – Lower Body:

Complete the total volume as fast as possible (ASAP):

  1. Jumping squats – 50-100 reps
  2. Alternating jumping lunges – 50-100
  3. One leg calf raises – 50-100

3-5 Circuits (Abs):

  1. Leg raises – 10-20 reps
  2. Bicycle crunches – 20-30
  3. Russian twists – 20-30
  4. Chest to knee sits ups – 10-20

If you want to see more home bodyweight workout routines and exercises, check these at-home workout routines to lose belly fat fast, and these exercises if you want to lose weight fast at home.

To Sum up How to Get Lean Body Fast at Home

As you can see, you can train very effectively at home with minimal equipment.

So everything you need is:

  • the floor
  • a pull up bar or place where you can perform pull ups
  • the place to put your hands for triceps dips
  • and the place to elevate your legs for calf raises

And remember, if you want to lose body fat percentage your priority should be to be more active and follow a proper diet. Also, if you want to build lean muscle without weights, do intense high rep bodyweight training regularly.

So here is how to get lean fast at home with minimal equipment: high-intensity circuit bodyweight training + caloric deficit + enough protein + rest = fast results

What did you try to get lean? What is your biggest struggle?

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