Is It Too Late To Start Working Out After 30, 40 or even 50

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Short answer: No it’s never too late to start working out!

It is never too late to do something.

And it’s never too late to start something that you want, even to start working out after 30.

You will see why.

Missed Opportunities

In your life, you will encounter billions of opportunities that you can take advantage of.

That happened probably a million times before.

It also happened to me many times.

How many times did you wanted to do something, but for some reason you DID NOT?

You will never forget what you missed, maybe a life chance. And you didn’t do anything because you were waiting for a perfect moment. But even in the worst-case scenario, the worst that can happen is just fail that would be a valuable lesson.

So, as you can see, you have nothing to lose.

Absolutely nothing.

Only to win!

For a few decades when you get older, and when you remember all opportunities that you missed, you will regret it, and that will probably be a painful feeling.

One of the worst feelings you can experience is feeling of missed opportunities, and time you can’t get back!

mark twain quote

Mark Twain realistically said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

You probably wanted to finally start working out, but you didn’t for some reason.

Reason for that could be:

  • you are too old,
  • or you are busy,
  • you don’t have time,
  • or you are tired,
  • you don’t know how to start,
  • even if you start you don’t know what to do next,
  • don’t know what program to follow
  • and so on.

Now is time to ask yourself why you missed your opportunities, and why you didn’t start working out yet.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t start with something healthy and beneficial for your life!

It Is Never Too Late If You Really Want Something

This logic is the same for anything else, not just for a healthy lifestyle and training.

There is no perfect moment to start working out or to do anything else.

If you read this, and if you are older than 30, 40, or maybe 50 years, just imagine when you get 60 or 70 years old. Imagine that you worked out every day for at least 20 min. That is at least a few decades of consistent work. Imagine how good you would feel and look.

Even a year or two of constant training is enough for someone to get in shape, build a great body, feed good, and have more energy overall.

So, how long you wanted to start working out?

How many months, years, or even decades?

There will never be a perfect moment to start working out or anything else.

The perfect moment is NOW!

There Will Never Be A Perfect Moment To Start Working Out

When people want to start something that is new for them, their minds will automatically start making a bunch of different reasons why they should not start.

These reasons are known as excuses.

You probably wanted to start your fitness journey many times before, but you had excuses like:

  • you were tired,
  • maybe you didn’t have time,
  • then you didn’t know how to start,
  • and then you didn’t believe that you would achieve something at all.

The more you think about starting, the more excuses will come to your mind.

And like that, you will procrastinate forever.

Stop with procrastination, excuses and just start working out

The perfect solution to stop procrastination and your mind to make excuses, is to do something EASY right now.

Not tomorrow, not next Monday, not next month or next year.

If you have a problem with procrastination, one of the best tricks is to complete one small part, that leads to the achievement of the whole task or goal.

Do something easy.

Example: if your goal is to do 100 push ups as your workout, don’t overthink it. Just throw yourself on the floor and do 10 reps only. And guess what? You just started your workout!

What is that easy and small thing that you should do right now?

How To Start Working Out

Let’s say that you are 30 years old.

You want to start working out.

And you are curious if it is too late to start and how you should start your journey.

The first thing is to change your way of thinking

Change your way of thinking.

Stop thinking that it is too late.

Example: If you have 30 for an example, imagine yourself as 32, and imagine that you worked out every single day for as little as 20 minutes a day. Your life would transform so much started from your body, energy, and confidence. Imagine all that extra energy for everyday activities, imagine yourself in perfectly fit new clothes as a good-looking man (or even as a woman), which is confident and getting compliments all the time.

And now imagine that you didn’t do anything and that you are now 58 years old for an example. is it possible to start your fitness journey then? Of course, it is, but it’s a little late for that.

In the and you will probably regret because you know that whole your life would be much better if you have been working out until then.

The second thing is to start as simple as possible

From my experience, one of the most important things is to start as simple as possible.

Take small baby steps.

And from there to build your way.

Note: If you want to start working out for the first time or after 30, 40 or even 50, it’s important to start slowly to avoid injuries and heavy muscle soreness. Also, you should focus to learn basic first, and later to push yourself.

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Starting Simple – My Story:

fitsistence body transformation - summer body

You can build an amazing body with just bodyweight training, without going to the gym, lifting weight, or using supplements!

For years I was working out for a couple of months, and then I would stop. After a few months, I would train for a few weeks, and for some reason, I would stop again. I was doing this for years and getting average results.

This was happening because I didn’t know about the importance of frequent and consistent training. I never had a plan. And I would push myself to the failure, even if I didn’t train for months.

Then I would get sore, unable to workout in the next days, and stop again because I didn’t create a habit of regular training.

But now I am focusing to train almost every day, and far from a failure. And now I am rarely getting sore because of it.

This approach will allow you 2 very important benefits for long-term success:

  1. Higher weekly workout volume = getting more results for a shorter time
  2. More space for progressive overload = making continuous progress for a long time

With a focus on those principles, I started my journey again.

Without any unnecessary things to focus on like how many sets, reps, rest, witch exercise is better, for how long should I train and so on.

My goal was very simple.

The focus was only on a few most beneficial concepts.

Only these are enough to build a great body at home without going to the gym.

1. Simple Compound Exercises

Do only variations of simple compound exercises:

  1. Pull ups – back and biceps;
  2. Push ups – chest, shoulders, and triceps;
  3. Dips – triceps, chest, and shoulders;
  4. Squats – legs;
  5. Lunges – legs.

Focus here is to master fundamental exercises that work your total body from different angles.

Priority is also proper form, full range of motion and control, to get the most out of every training and avoid injuries!

2. Consistency

Set the goal to train every single day.

Take rest only when you need it. But try to be active that day. You can still do light training that day.

The focus here is to keep going.

It’s better to workout every day for 10-20, than to workout 3 times per week for 1-2 hours and to suddenly stop training because you didn’t develop a habit.

You will develop a habit if you do something every day, and that should be your goal.

3. Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is important to progress consistently.

Without progressive overload, you would have the same results.

And at the same time, this is the reason why you didn’t make any progress if you maybe have that problem.

So, get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Practical example: focus on a HIGHER number of sets and a LOWER number of repetitions! This strategy will allow you to finish your workouts EASIER and FASTER. So for an example, don’t do more than 10 pull ups or 20 push ups in one set, even if you can. Just focus to finish the workout (complete total volume) for a shorter time. Forget about how many sets, reps, rest between exercises, etc. Remember, keep it simple!

Change something every week and you will have results.

Don’t let your body to adapt and you will make constant progress.

To Sum Up, If It Is Too Late To Start Working Out

There is no right time or the perfect moment to start working out or anything else.

If you want to start, even if you are older than 30, just start.

It’s simple as that.

Start today.

Or even better start now.

Just start simple with an easy task to complete.

Remember, you have nothing to lose, only to win.

If you have any questions, feel free to write down in the comments below. So is it too late for you to start, what do you think?

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