Lose Body Fat Rapidly Fast With 4 Easy Tips

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If you wonder how to lose body fat fast, you are maybe unsatisfied with how you look or how you fit your clothes. Or maybe you just want to look good, feel good, and be healthy.

There are maybe other reasons, but don’t worry, with these 4 tips you will lose your body fast and easy.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or in shape.

These tips are for everyone.

So let’s go.

1. Know Your Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage

The first step is to know your starting point.

If you have higher body fat, you definitely want to lower it down (higher body fat that 20% if you are male, and 28% if you are female).

High body fat is bad for your health.

Same as high body fat, too low body fat is bad for your health too.

So, you should aim for around 10% if you are men, and around 18% if you are a woman. That body fat percentage is perfect if you want to be healthy and aesthetically good looking at the same time.

You can find your body fat percentage online with this simple calculator.

Learn more about why you need to know your body fat percentage.

Now when you know about what body fat percentage are you, it’s time to take action.

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I followed these 4 tips to lose body fast and this was my results.

2. Workout Everyday

If you want the best and fastest results as possible, you should workout every day.

Consistency is number one for anything.

You want to be active all the time, so you can burn calories every single day.

That is the fastest way to lose body fat.

When it comes to training, the best results will give you a combination of strength and cardio training.

So, there is no doubt about what is better, strength, or cardio.

Best cardio to lose body fat fast

If you want to lose body fat fast, the best cardio for fat loss is high-intensity cardio.

For the best results, do fasted cardio every day and immediately after your regular workouts.

Do cardio for 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning on empty stomach and later in the day after your regular workout.

The best training to lose body fat fast

To lose body fat fast, the best training is with your own body.

This is why you should do bodyweight training:

  • Saves a lot of time – you can do your workouts instantly at home, without wasting time to go to the gym and back;
  • Workout independently – there are no crowds to fight compared to the gym;
  • You can enjoy your workouts in nature – find outdoor parks to workout;
  • Burn more calories than weight lifting.

Avoid overtraining

To avoid overtraining, follow split workout routines.

You will work for the same muscle groups on separate days.

So you will have enough time to recover the muscles for the next session.

Example: Do push/pull/legs split 6 days a week. You will work out nearly every day, but your muscles will be fully recovered since 48 hours of rest is enough (if you use push day from Monday and push day from Thursday for an example, there will be 48 hours in between).

Also, take rest days when you need it.

But focus to be active that day or do some light exercises.

You can easily workout for 20 min any day.

Take active rest days and you will lose body fat fast and easy!

3. Diet – You need to eat cleaner if you want to lose body fat fast

If you want to lose body fat fast, diet is essential.

You can workout all day long. But if your diet sucks, you will never see your abs.

Diet for fast body fat loss is not about calorie counting, starvation, or restricted fitness model diets.

There is absolutely no need to torture yourself. Or it’s not worth the effort!

The focus here is to follow a clean and healthy diet in general.

So, here is what you should and should not do when it comes to diet:

Don’t s if you want to lose body fat fast (avoid food from this list):

  1. Cut all sugars – sweets, cakes, coffee with sugar, drinks like coca-cola;
  2. Also, cut all liquid calories – drink only water, tea and coffee;
  3. Cut bad carbs – pizza, white bread, pasta;
  4. And cut unhealthy fats – hamburgers, pizza, fast foods.

Do’s if you want to lose body fat fast:

  1. Eat plenty of lean protein – eggs, chicken breast, salmon, tuna, low-fat high-protein cheese, and yogurts;
  2. And eat low to medium amount of good carbs – oats, potatoes, rice, whole-wheat bread, fruits;
  3. Eat healthy fat – nuts, fish, avocados, eggs, olive oil;
  4. And eat an unlimited amount of veggies – especially green.food list - food to eat- food to avoid - eat healthy and lose weight fast

Now you have a picture in your head about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Try to eat healthy 80-90% of the time! And that is the meaning of ‘eat healthy in general’.

Diet priorities:

  1. Eat 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe some protein snacks in between.
  2. Try to eat a lot of protein in every meal.
  3. Focus to eat carbs:
    • in the first meal of the day – to give you energy
    • before training – energy for a workout
    • after training – to help muscle recovery
  4. Eat cheat meal once in a while – you will not die if you eat something unhealthy from time to time. But be careful, because one cheat meal can easily become a cheat week!
  5. If you eat a cheat meal, aim to eat it before a workout – you will use it as fuel for a workout, and not store it as fat.

Diet plan example:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with vegetables or oats.
  • Lunch: Chicken breasts or fish with vegetables and rice or potatoes.
  • Dinner: Chicken breasts or fish with vegetables or salad.
  • Bonus: Snacks:
    • Between meals: apple with a handful of nuts;
    • Before workout: banana;
    • After workout: smoothie with fruit like banana and berries, eggs, and water or milk.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a way of eating. It’s not about what you eat, but when you eat.

You have different fasting styles, but recommend is 8-16 method. This method is created by Leangains.

I tried this one, and I got excellent results with losing body fat fast.

Intermittent fasting diet protocol:

  • Fast for 16 hours before your first meal that is around 1 PM for an example;
  • You have 8 hour range to eat until 9 PM;
  • Aim to eat 2 big meals or 1 big and 2 smaller meals;
  • So you will breakfast around 1-2 PM with a bigger meal, and aim to another big meal around 8-9 PM, or 2 smaller meals in between.


  • 1-2 PM: big breakfast – scrambled eggs with bacon, onion, garlic, chili paper and tomatoes
  • 8-9 PM: big dinner – grilled meat with a lot of grilled vegetables

Intermittent fasting is good for weight loss, to get rid of belly fat, and to lose body fat fast. But also, intermittent fasting has many more benefits for your health.


Losing body fat fast is not easy.

But the priority of this guide is to make it simple!

To lose body fat fast and easy here is a quick list of activities you should follow:

  1. Make fitness as your priority – if the care of your body is not your priority, you will not get far.
  2. Workout on a daily basis.
  3. Do cardio and strength training in combination.
  4. Try to do fasted cardio every morning for extra fast results.
  5. Keep it simple and workout with your bodyweight only – you will save time and get results faster.
  6. Eat healthy in general – focus to eat a lot of lean protein in every meal, eat a lot of vegetables, eat good sources of complex carbs and healthy fat.
  7. You will not die if you eat a cheat meal here and there – but don’t let to cheat meal become a cheat week.
  8. Focus to eat 80-90% healthy.
  9. Try intermittent fasting for faster results – you will get a lot of health benefits too!
  10. Don’t focus on little details, and don’t over-complicating things – stop thinking about counting calories, how many reps, how long to train, how long to rest, etc.
  11. Consistency is the key!
  12. Another important thing is to enjoy the process– if you learn this, everything will become easy and the results will show up very quickly!
  13. And once again, don’t forget to keep it simple.

Just follow these rules, and you will not only lose body fat fast, but you will also burn it rapidly fast!

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