Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle In 6 Easy Steps

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Do you want to reduce body fat? Are you curious about how to reduce body fat while increasing muscle? And also, what is the best way to lose body fat fast naturally? In this guide, you will see how to lose body fat percentage while increasing muscle. Or in the worst case, lose fat without losing muscle.

Reducing body fat percentage can be really hard. And it’s even harder to get rid of that annoying belly fat if you want to maintain or increase your muscle.

But there is an easy way to lose your body fat while increasing muscle or preventing muscle loss. And here is the only way to achieve it.

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How to Reduce Body Fat Percentage While Increasing Muscle?

> The only way to reduce your body fat percentage is to be in a caloric deficit – if you don’t burn more calories than you consume, you will not lose fat!

> The only way to increase muscle or prevent muscle loss is to eat enough protein while doing strength/muscle building training – if you don’t eat enough protein while doing strength/muscle building training, you will not increase your muscle. Or even worse you could lose muscle.

But there is one problem.

If you are in a big caloric deficit or if you are in a caloric deficit for too long, you are likely to lose some muscle.

So what is then the best way to lose body fat fast while increasing muscle or preventing muscle loss?

Here are 6 easy steps to reduce body fat percentage while increasing muscle.

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1. Your Starting Point to Reduce Body Fat Percentage

You need to know your starting point before you begin. It’s important to know your measurements, so you can stay on track more easily.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, here are visual examples of body fat percentage:

Body Fat Percentage

You can see where you are currently and where you want to be. Some optimal and healthy body fat percentage range for women would be about 15-22% and for men about 8-12%.

But I suggest you check your body fat percentage using a simple body fat calculator. There is no exact method for measuring body fat 100% accurate, but it’s nice to know approximately.

It’s enough to remember your approximate body fat percentage, weight, and waist size. If you lose waist size and weight, you will know that you have a reduced body fat percentage.

When you lose body fat your face will become a lot leaner and more defined, veins will become more visible all over your body and you will fit your clothes better.

2. Eat Protein at Every Meal

Now you know that without a caloric deficit you can’t lose body fat. And to increase muscle or prevent muscle loss you MUST eat protein.

Protein will also prevent your hunger, so it’s easier to stay in a caloric deficit if you eat protein at every meal.

But you don’t need to overdose yourself with protein.

It’s enough to have at least 1 source of lean protein in each meal during the day.

Eat eggs in one meal, some low-fat ham in the next meal, and lean meat like chicken breast, turkey or tuna in another meal, and so on.

Remember, keep it simple.

The easiest way to lose body and prevent muscle loss/increase muscle is to eat protein at every meal!

3. The Best Diet to Lose Body Fat and Increase Muscle

Most people make a HUGE mistake when it comes to diet.

They will follow very restrictive diets to lose body fat fast. They may quickly lose some fat. But that is not sustainable and long-term. And before or later they will crush their diet and body fat will return. It’s called the Yo-Yo effect.

So if you want to reduce body fat percentage and increase muscle, the best diet for you is the one that WORKS BEST FOR YOU!

For example, when I want to shred fat quickly, the combination of intermittent fasting and low-carb diet works best for me. I am focused only on eating 2-3 balanced meals a day. In my case, it’s very sustainable and flexible, so I mostly eat what I want.

Just stay in a caloric deficit of 200-500 calories, eat protein at every meal and you will be good!

4. Focus Your Workouts on Strength to Prevent Muscle Loss

When you are in a caloric deficit you will lose strength easily. And strength is extremely important not only to build muscle but also to prevent muscle loss.

So, focus on exercises that you can’t do more than 8 reps. Do them at the beginning of your workouts.

I train with my bodyweight, so I will firstly do explosive and strength exercises such as chest to bar pull ups, clapping push ups, jumping squats and assisted one arm chin ups, wall handstand push ups, and pistol squats. After that, I will focus on high volume and intensity for muscle hypertrophy and fat burning.

Also, when you do bodyweight training, if you have less weight you will be able to do harder variations of exercises that require more strength.

So, losing body fat and increasing strength/muscle going with each other when it comes to calisthenics/bodyweight training. Just remember the gymnasts.

I have done it, many others have done it also, so why wouldn’t you?

Fitsistence body transformation

Over the years I become leaner, bigger, and stronger with bodyweight training only (no gym or weights).

You will actually increase strength and muscle while losing body fat with bodyweight training!

5. Include High-Intensity Bodyweight Circuits to Burn More Calories

To reduce body fat percentage you need to be in a caloric deficit. And you know that you need to burn more calories than you consume if you want to lose fat. But you should also aim to burn a lot of calories every day. Running or doing cardio for 2-3 hours every day is not so sustainable. It’s the same as with restrictive diets.

So what is then the best and fastest way to lose body fat without doing tons of cardio or restrictive diets?

From my experience, the combination of a balanced diet and high-intensity bodyweight circuit training will give you very fast results. If you do HIIT bodyweight circuits daily for 30-60 minutes, you will become a FAT-BURNING MACHINE!

Aim to complete the total daily volume of 300-500 repetition of basic bodyweight exercises as fast as possible. And try to rest no more than 10-30 seconds between exercises, sets, or circuits. Do exercises that burn most calories like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, pull ups, push ups, jumping lunges, leg raises, and so on.

You can do this type of training as a finisher after strength exercises or on separate days.

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Do high-intensity bodyweight circuits every day and reduce body fat percentage fast and easy!

6. Apply Progressive Overload to Increase Muscle

Progressive overload is the most important factor when it comes to muscle building.

It’s enough to say that if you always do the same things you will get the same results.

So your goals should be to increase the difficulty of your workouts every or every other week. Do more volume (sets and reps) for the same time or faster, train more intensely, rest less, do more challenging exercises, and so on.

Always aim to improve, and you will increase muscle while reducing body fat percentage, perform better, look better and feel better!

Conclusion – Your Action Plan to Reduce Body Fat While Increasing Muscle

So, how to lose body fat percentage while increasing muscle:

  1. Know your starting point and set your goal body fat percentage
  2. Eat protein at every meal to prevent hunger and muscle loss
  3. Follow the diet that works best for you
  4. Focus your workouts on strength to prevent muscle loss
  5. Do high-intensity bodyweight training to burn a lot of calories
  6. Apply progressive overload to increase muscle and constantly improve

And what is your biggest struggle when it comes to losing body fat percentage and increasing muscle?

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